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Action's Water Conservation and Preservation
Last Update  05/31/2008
Water Conservation and Preservation Links
Interactive Sites   Games   Videos   Lesson Plans, Articles, and Quizzes
Canada Water Conservation House--a link to an interactive website with great graphics, the link allows a person to visit the laundry, bathroom, kitchen, and yard to find ways to conserve water  

Water Sense Pac-Man Game- this is an entertaining game for kids that teaches you what things waste water and how to reduce how much water is used over !


Water Conservation Video

A short YouTube video that is about 2:15 long. Gives plenty of examples of how to conserve water and many reasons why we should do so.


  How Do We Use Water in Utah?--a link to a website that explores the different uses of water:  municipal, agricultural, industrial, and dams/reservoirs--good articles to read about how dams are constructed, where municipalities get their water, etc.
        Tennessee Environment and Conservation Video- 30 second videos about how you can prevent water pollution.   Peace Corps "Water Uses and Children's Lives in East Africa" Lesson plans--Multidisciplinary Activity comparing and contrasting lives of students in the U.S. with students in Africa in terms of water usage--several day project
Interactive Trivia Quiz from USGS on water usage--would be good as a preassessment/postassessment to a water unit   Water Conservation Concentration- this is a memory game that gives anyone some really great tips on saving water!  

The Water Rangers! A YouTube video about 5 minutes long, it talks all about how you can conserve water and its kind of funny to, however very informational.

  Monroe CountyWater Authority "Kids Water Fun"--a link to a water trivia quiz, quick water experiments

 Brainpop-Water Cycle This is a short video for kids that is about the water cycle. Note-- you must sign in to view it.

  Fairfax Water Conservation-a link to short tips on how to conserve water around the house

Weather Channel-Forecast Earth Videos Short videos that tell about the water cycle and water conservation.


Our Water Conservation Tips--Printable Page

Water Cycle Links

Water Cycle  -Gives a detailed description of the water cycle.

Water Info For Kids-Answers a number of questions about water that your kids might want to know.

Skippy And The Water Cycle - a short Youtube video that gives some information about the water cycle, hosted by Skippy the Fish!
The Water Cycle Song-A short song about the water cycle from TeacherTube  
National Association of Conservation Districts Education Links--This is the website for the National Association of Conservation Districts.  It has many links to lesson plans, clip art, articles, and other teacher resources.