Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow...Together!

Mission and Vision:
We are a community of learners who believe in the limitless possibilities of education through...
   Rigor - Learning Today
   Relevance - Leading Tomorrow
   Relationships - Together
...where minutes matter and every day counts! 

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow...Together! 

Sherry Lindsay ~ Nevada R-V Teacher of the Year
R-5 Teacher of the Year

Ericka Glynn ~ Support Staff Member of the Year
R-5 Support Staff Person of the Year

Congratulations also to the other very deserving nominees for Teacher of the Year: Chris Smoot, Teresa Prewitt, Audra Doak, Carissa Bowman, Jackie Shadden, Heather Dilly, Anne Smoot, Joyce Keatts and Erin Morris. 

Other very deserving nominees for Support Staff Member of the Year include: Madelyn Bishop, Robin Daniels, Tracy Shumaker and Caroline Taylor. 

NHS Scholar Bowl Wins Districts!
scholar bowl district champs

NRTC Graphic Design Enters Vans Custom Culture Design Contest
shoe design contest
NRTC submitted these for a chance to win $50,000 for our program. Entries have not been judged yet. 

summer school
Summer School
May 25, 26, 30, 31,
June 1, 2, 5-8
7:45 AM-2:00 PM
Held at Bryan, Truman, NMS & NHS

minutes matter

Nevada R-V
 Community Give Back Day
   Monday, April 17, Nevada R-V faculty and staff spent part of their Professional Development Day giving back to the community. Teams were sent out to help with projects all over Nevada as a way of showing appreciation to a town who supports our local public schools.
   A team spent the afternoon picking up trash along East Austin Boulevard, while other teams cleaned up local community gardens and trails at the Nevada Middle School, Nevada Housing Authority and the Healthy Nevada Community Garden. 
   Projects that included removing wallpaper, cleaning and painting were completed for the Osage Prairie YMCA, Community Outreach, The Neighbors Center and Katherine's Place. 
   Residents at Christian Healthcare, Moore-Few Care Center and Barone Care Center enjoyed one-on-one visits, games and manicures. 
Truman debris N Housing Auth
Truman teachers remove debris from Nevada Housing Authority community gardens
remove wallpaper at Katherine's Place
Mrs. Barrett & Mrs. Fischer remove wallpaper at Katherine's Place
NMS bookshelves at Moore-Few
NMS teachers organize bookshelves at Moore-Few Care Center
noodle ball at Christian Healthcare
Mrs. Ellis plays noodle ball with residents at Christian Healthcare